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What is Professional Services Automation software?

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is designed to make life easier for specialists in project and service oriented businesses, such as consultants, architects, accountants, lawyers, and agencies.

PSAs are all-in-one platforms that serve as the central hub for your entire business, improving operational effectiveness, employee value, and performance analysis.

Many professional services providers start out with a small set of applications and tools to run their operations. They add to the mix as they grow, typically ending up with a plethora of point solutions spread across various vendors.

In the early stages, this is often a perfectly viable solution - it’s cheap and gets the job done, allowing them to focus on their core business. But at some point, they typically find themselves in a situation where they spend more time managing their solutions than growing their business.

And while hiring someone to develop custom integrations between your applications could be a potential remedy, it usually carries a significant cost that can be very hard to justify, especially for a smaller business.

The benefits of using a PSA solution

Enter the world of professional services automation. With a PSA, the different subsystems are already integrated out of the box, with a coherent look and feel.

There are many different PSA systems out there, targeting different sizes of businesses and sectors. But most of them share these common capabilities:

  • Project management
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Resource management
  • Finance and invoicing
  • Business intelligence
  • Collaboration tools
  • API for integrations

The actual functionality they offer varies greatly as well. A platform targeting enterprise customers is typically more feature-rich than smaller solutions — but also inherently more complex and rigid to use.

Flowmine belongs to the latter category and helps you with every aspect of your day-to-day work, regardless of your role. Acting as the hub of your entire business, it enables you to manage your entire service lifecycle — all in one place.