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Track your first hours

There are three ways to register time spent working on tasks:

  1. Record work as you go
  2. Bulk entry with timesheets
  3. Manual, detailed, one-by-one entry

Record time with the work recorder

The first option is the one we recommend, but it might not be feasible for all types of work. It also requires you and your team to have a rock-solid habit in place to remember switching the timer on and off.

Work recording in action

Use the timesheet

The second option is perfect for projects where the tasks are more coarse-grained. A common scenario is when you or your team is doing contracting work and report all your time on a small set of tasks.

Use manual entry

Sometimes you need to set an explicit billing duration, that differs from the actual time spent on the task. In those situations, the manual entry option comes in handy.

Use whichever method you see fit to register a few hours, and then move on to create your first invoice.